Thursday, 2 February 2017

Yachts, yachts everywhere, but which one to get?

I love Fishers, don't get me wrong.  Tutak II, my F25, has taken me many thousands of miles in comfort and safety.  But there have been times when I would have loved to have turned the engine off and sailed that little bit better.  The Fisher 34 sloop is reputed to be the best sailor out of the Fisher range but my budget probably wouldn't stretch to a newer sloop.  I have looked at the older 34s and one would need to fix them up and sometimes that can cost many thousands.  I don't think I want a "project" boat.  I can do most stuff myself but the time involved is immense.

I want to go "blue water" and looking at yachts that fit the category with a shed (pilot house or wheelhouse) are few and far between.  I do rather fancy a Vancouver 34 Pilot.  They come from the same stable as Fishers and Southerlys so their breeding is 100%.  Their reputation as offshore or ocean sailing is good and they sail too.

They only made around 36 of these beauties so finding one at the right time can be problematic.  But there just happens to be three on the market at the present time.

Image result for Vancouver 34 pilot

I could be biased but I rather like the  cut of her jib.

Inside there is oodles of stowage and many many spaces to do things in.

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There is a midships double or lee-clothed single.  The galley is in the corridor so it is impossible to get chucked across the cabin, without going through the walls anyway.  There is no wheel inside on most boats.  Steering is done by buttons on the auto pilot.  Not a problem for me as Samantha (auto pilot on Tutak) always steers anyway.  Many V34Ps are already fitted with wind vane steering.  Monitors or Hydrovanes at the moment.  The German one does not sadly but it is rather immaculate.  Having the pilot house really takes the pressure of crew.  I get cold in summer in Great Britain and being able to "go below" and see outside and control the boat is so brilliant.


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