Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Maybe that was Tutak's last voyage - with me anyway!

We me and Tutak II have had a wonderfull 16 years together but this round Britain trip has highlighted a few issues with a waterline of 21 feet.  Mainly it is stowing all the gear and stores onboard.

Why am I bothered about this for coast hopping?  Well this year was a dry run to see what could be done.  The F25 class had a A Ocean rating and I have no doubt that it would look after me.  Indeed I do believe one Fisher 25 went to New Zealand - and back.  But with all the stores for three months, extra water and fuel, bike, liferaft, dinghy, spares, tools, sewing machine, etc etc there was barely enough room for me let alone the captain's wife.

It is with sadness that I have to say goodbye to dear old Tutak, she has served me well in the 15 odd thousand miles we have done together but I need a bigger boat.  So the barge is up for sale and when that goes I will move onto Tutak for a while until I find another yacht and then it will be Tutak's turn.

And what have I in mind for the next adventure?  Well I reckon Tollesbury to Eire, then to Madeira and the Canary Islands.  From there to the Azores and back to Blighty.  I have to see whether I actually like all this sailing first so it will be a half Atlantic, bit like a half marathon.

And the boat?  Well I do rather fancy a Fisher 34

This is Nuage IV for sale at the moment, isn't she nice.  But when you start looking there are some rather nice sturdy steel yachts out there.  Some are even build in Cor-ten steel, you know the steel that shipping containers are made of.  Rather resistant to the ravages of the sea, well a little bit anyway, but it all helps.

This fine Spray 38 is for sale on Apollo Duck in Turkey.  Cor-ten steel, nice inside too.  Oh descisions, descisions ...

But I have to sell the other boats first, so if you know anyone who wants a rather nice 55' barge.

Or even a well travelled Fisher 25.

 Then just let me know.

Do you think I could risk a name change on the next boat to Tutak III?

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