Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Well the deed has been done.  I am now the very smug bugger who owns "Helena".  She is a Vancouver Pilot 34 and she is lovely.  As it happens this is the very boat that was on the market over eighteen months ago in Germany that I said I liked in my last post.  Due to some oddities in the German market she wasn't sold until I spotted her on the Vancouver Yachts Association site.  I was third in line but the first to get on a plane and see her.

So this is the end of Tutak's voyages with me.  I estimate we have done in excess of 16000 miles of the nautical variety and had a brilliant time together over the last 19 years.  

She is looking a bit worn and tatty now but her last big trip round Britain in 2016 showed  no significant problems or issues.  She just plodded on as normal.  Yes I'm sad say goodbye but excited to have more adventures with Helena.

This will be documented on helenav34.blogspot.com

All being well of course. 

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